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GURPS-3rd Edition;

Characters are generated exactly like normal GURPS 3E characters, but game play will be slightly different. Characters are 250 point base with up to 50 in disadvantages and 5 in quirks for a possible 305 build.

Tech level based skills are assumed to be TL-8 with the appropriate penalties for working on cutting edge (TL-9) or Alien (TL-10) equipment. Characters can take the TL-9 version of a skill with the TL-8 version of the skill as a prerequisite. Only alien characters can begin with the TL-10 version of the skills, but a gadgeteer can work on high tech devices with fewer penalties than other characters.

Assuming around 5 character points per session characters should have steady, but not explosive advancement and loot shouldn't be a major issue (having an alien device would be noteworthy, but not game breaking).                   

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